Abroad in Japan (Full audiobook)

When Englishman Chris Broad landed in a rural village in northern Japan, he wondered if he had made a huge mistake. With no knowledge of the language and no teaching experience, he was about to become the fastest-fired English teacher in Japanese history? Overseas in Japan, it chronicles a decade of living in a foreign land and the chaos and cultural clash that comes with it. Filled with fun and exciting stories, this book aims to unravel one of the world’s most mysterious and incomprehensible cultures. Over 10 years and 47 prefectures, Chris takes us from the chilling summit of Mount Fuji to the chaotic, neon-lit streets of Tokyo. With blockbuster moments like the horrific North Korean missile incident, the Japanese national television experience has gone horribly wrong, and a week spent with Japan’s biggest movie star, Ken Watanabe, abroad in Japan is an unusual and educational journey through the Land of the Rising Sun.






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